Am I a Sex Addict?

Often I am asked to speak with physicians and other professionals in the community to help them understand more about sex addiction in their clinical practice.   A very quick and useful tool to understand if further evaluation is needed is something referred to as PATHOS.  


Physicians and mental health clinicians who have been trained to quickly screen for chemical dependency issues are aware of the  CAGE  Screening tool. (Have you ever tried to Cut back, Are people Annoyed by your use, Have you ever felt Guilty for your use, etc...)


PATHOS is the parallel screening tool to CAGE for Sex Addiction.

Is Sex Addiction Real?

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Is Sex Addiction Real?

Since the news reports that surfaced regarding Tiger Woods and speculations about his life, as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), I am often asked:  “Is there really such a thing as sex addiction?”  Yes, in my training and in my observation, there is such a thing as sex addiction.   As a CSAT I sit with many people whose lives have been negatively impacted by unwanted, continued behaviors that they feel powerless to stop with regards to pornography, internet pornography, and/or sexual behaviors.  Their lives, their marriages, their relationships, and the productivity of their lives are impacted in severe and dramatic ways as a result of their sexual-seeking behaviors.