SAST, ISST and PSS Tests for Sexual Addictivity

The SAST is an initial assessment test for those with potentially addictive behaviors. It provides a profile of responses that help distinguish between addictive and non-addictive behaviors. 

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The Internet Sex Screening Test (ISST) asks questions about online and offline sexual behavior.  IITAP is currently collecting data on this screening test and therefore do not have cut-off scores to indicate whether or not you have a problem with Internet sex. However, once you have completed the test, you will be shown the percentage that others have said "Yes" to the same items you indicated were "Yes" for your life. If you are concerned about your Internet sexual behavior, please seek professional help.

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If you are or have been in a relationship with someone who has a sexual addiction, you have inevitably been affected by your experience. Participating in this survey can help advance research about sexual addiction, bring you clarity about your own sexual health and provide you with a brief report about your own sexuality.

Am I the  Partner of a Sex Addict?  TAKE the PSS Test